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Review – Velo

Velo makes two different flavours, both available in two different strengths. For this Velo nicotine pouches review, we decided to review all four variations of this product. So we acquired four cans of both the citrus and mint flavours, both in the 2mg nicotine and 4mg nicotine versions. We decided to do a blind taste test to see if anybody would be able to tell the difference between the different strengths of nicotine in either of the two versions. Of course, we also evaluated both flavors properly for your information in this review. Please keep reading to see the results.

Our Experience With The Velo Pouches

We loved the slimline presentation of the cans. They fit 15 small pouches, which is actually very reasonable for the price. One thing we can say right away is that both of these flavours are very much on the sweet side. Half of us preferred the citrus, and half of us preferred the mint, which is probably a fair representation of public tastes. The mint is sweet peppermint flavour and the citrus is mostly lemon with some slight hints of orange. These pouches were a tad on the dry side, which is a positive or negative thing, depending on everybody’s personal tastes.

Our Conclusions

Most of the reviewers liked the taste of these products, with some of them thinking they were a little on the sweet side. We can definitely conclude that these products are for people who like less of a nicotine kick (and taste) and more sweetness. In both cases, half the reviewers were unable to tell the difference between the 2mg and 4mg versions, with half of them guessing correctly. Considering that the strengths, in any case, are quite low, it’s not surprising that the difference would be subtle, and in general, everybody agreed it’s hard to taste the nicotine at all; there’s just a bare hint of it.

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