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Review – Shiro

We’ve decided to do something different for this next Shiro pouches review and focus on one sole product. This is because their Cool Mint version is a clear favourite among the buying public and we are going to find out exactly why in the course of this review. Shiro means “white” in Japanese and, like other similar products, Shiro is a “white” nicotine pouch product. This means that it’s a smoke, spit and tobacco-free nicotine product made with food-grade flavourings and textures. Their Cool Mint product especially has really taken off and we are glad to be able to try it out and review it.

The Unveiling of Shiro Cool Mint

We loved the smell that hit us as soon as we opened the can. You could get the menthol and the peppermint right away without it being overpowering at all. Fortunately, this is one of those products that tastes exactly as you would expect it to taste. Despite the fact that it has menthol, it wasn’t cloying or overpowering as many methol-based preparations tend to be. The majority of us found the level of moistness to be absolutely perfect. It should be noted that this preparation packs an extra kick, bringing in a whopping nicotine strength of 20mg per gram of total product.

Our Conclusions

We now understand completely why this stuff is so popular. This product is absolutely ideal for people who want a high amount of nicotine kick in a small amount of product. It’s also the only product we have tasted that has that much nicotine in it but still has a pleasant taste. Many of us can remember the days of nicotine gum that just simply tasted awful. We are very thankful that thanks to Cool Mint by Shiro, those days are now gone forever! Definitely check this one off if you have recently stopped smoking cigarettes, or are just fond of higher strength snus products, for whatever other reason.

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