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Review – Rogue

This Rogue pouches review is coming to you hopefully at the right time. We are very busy over here tasting until we can’t taste anymore! Rogue is another well-established brand of nicotine pouches. Rogue Holdings LLC, the trademark owner, has the products manufactured by NicoGen Pharma Solutions, and the products are generally available worldwide. This is a very well-loved product, especially if we are talking about the Honey Lemon variety. Rogue products, in general, are famous for having a strong flavour combined with fairly low strengths of nicotine. This is just the combination many people are looking for.

All About Rogue

Rogue comes in four distinct flavours: Honey Lemon, Mango, Wintergreen or Peppermint. All four flavours come in two versions, these being respectively 3mg or 6mg nicotine strengths. This gives you a total of eight options to choose from. These are “mini” pouches, meaning that the sizing of these pouches is 0.675g per pouch, and to make up for the smaller pouches you get a whole twenty pouches per can. A lot of people find this “mini” option to be very convenient. We found the pouches themselves to be moister in nature than most others, which is something some of us really liked.

Our Conclusions Regarding Rogue

Rogue has decided to focus on quality rather than quantity. If you, like most reviewers and most people in general, like sweet and fruity flavours, either Honey Lemon or Mango are almost certainly for you. The craftsmanship is truly coming through in these excellent flavours. Likewise, the minty touches of Wintergreen and Peppermint (Wintergreen being the more subtle of the two) are perfect for people who are looking for that particular minty kick. The 3mg and 6mg strengths are perfectly adequate for most people looking for a mild to moderate nicotine experience. This time around, our reviewers couldn’t tell the difference between the two strengths of the same flavour.