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Review – Qvitt

Are you looking for a snus substitute that will help you quit the use of tobacco? If this describes you, the Qvitt nicotine pouch has got you covered! Qvitt is a nicotine-free product. This high-quality product utilizes very fine ingredients and has the feel and flavour of snus. It is smokeless snus and thus very discreet for use. The product contains fluorine, green tea, and Panax Ginseng, therefore, very safe for use. In this Qvitt nicotine pouches review, we shall have a scrutinised look at the Qvitt pouch, some of its common flavours, and their specific ingredients. Take a look!

Features of Qvitt Nicotine Pouches

Qvitt has an excellent tobacco flavour and a light hint of fresh citrus. This product includes green tea, ginseng, and fluorine. Even though Qvitt contains a variety of ingredients, its basic ingredient is carrot fibres and this makes it very healthy. The nicotine pouches have the same look, feel, and texture of the original snus. The flavours include Salmiak, Salmiak Mini, Wild Mint, and Original. On purchase, they come packed in a tin that contains small and slim original portions. Each tin has an equal number of portions. The slight differences in the flavours are brought about by their different tastes.

Qvitt Flavours

The Qvitt Original comes in a well-packed portion and has a unique snus flavour that combines bergamot and citrus notes. Salmiak, on the other hand, has a distinct flavour with anise notes and a snus-like feel. It is a product of carrot fires and green tea. The other flavour is wild mint which also comes from carrot fibres and green tea. This one has wild herbal elements and a flavour of mint. Its pouch is of a regular size and also contains the feel of snus. Salmiak mini has a taste that is just like that of regular snus but it is of bergamot, fresh citrus and salty liquorice.

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