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Review – Pose

Pose is a Swedish manufacturer of nicotine products. In this Pose nicotine pouches review, we are going to talk about the strengths of the various products in this line, and what kind of customer is right for these products. The nicotine in Pose is extracted from the tobacco plant and, like its competitors, the nicotine is the only thing you will find in their products that comes from tobacco. As such, Pose is part of the new wave of products that are both smoke and tobacco-free. These sort of products are collectively known as “white” products. Pose currently has four flavors: Citrus, Mint, Red, and Peppermint.

Characteristics of Pose

The main difference between Pose and other similar products is that Pose products use a chewing gum base, although it’s still a pouch and not a piece of gum. The disadvantage is that you have to spit the product out when done. But the big advantage is that it’s a dry enough to eliminate the potential mess of a more moist pouch. The tin comes with a thoughtful space for storing used product. The products are advertised as moderate in both nicotine and intensity, and, to our tastes, that’s exactly what they are. We tried and liked the Mint and Citrus versions, which contain 7mg nicotine per pouch.

Why Choose Pose?

Pose offers all of the benefits of a more traditional nicotine gum with none of it’s negative effects. For one thing, the flavors are orders of magnitude better than any nicotine gym we have ever tried previously. The inconvenience of having to spit the gum out is mitigated by having the extra space in the tin. This is a perfect product for those of us who want a more moderate nicotine hit and not so overwhelming flavors. The flavors are pleasant and high quality and won’t offend anybody. As for whether you prefer the chewing gum consistency compared to the other pouches, you will have to try for yourself!