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Review – Onico

Onico is a product made from plant fibres that resembles the flavours of peppermint and tobacco. Like various snus brands, Onico is available in different flavours with its own distinct mix of fibres. Since this product is manufactured to cater to the health-conscious population, additives are maintained at low levels. The ingredients are all food-grade substances, making it suitable for consumption. It imitates the smell and taste of tobacco quite well, making it appropriate for use by people looking to quit smoking. This Onico nicotine pouches review will give you detailed insights into the pros of using this product and the variants available at your disposal.

Onico Snus variants

The Onico Original White Portion is a traditional variation of the Onico Snus that provides the perfect blend of citrus and bergamot. The presence of such flavoured fibres imitates the smell of tobacco. Next is the Onico White Mini Portion available in smaller snus pouches and imitates the original snus, making it suitable for use anywhere and anytime. Another variant is the Onico Licorice White Portion, a suitable alternative to snus for those who enjoy liquorice and anise. Last but not least is the Onico Peppermint White Portion offers a cooling sensation in the mouth by imitating the popular mint flavour.

Onico Benefits

Onico is a tobacco-free vegetable-fibre-based product that is appropriate for smokers who want to quit the habit of smoking or want to cut it down on the use of snus. The soft portion of the product makes it a perfect fit under the lips. The Onico prescription was developed in association with the University of Gothenburg’s dental school. This was done to avoid damage to the teeth and minimize the risk of other associated health problems. However, this product is also considered as suitable for people who want to use snus at the time of breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

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