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Review – On!

We’re excited to bring you this brand new On! nicotine pouches review in order to introduce you to this great line of snus products. This is the latest of a long series of reviews of “white” nicotine products (even the tobacco flavour is completely tobacco-free). These products contain only the nicotine itself, fresh pure water, and food-grade textures and flavourings, according to each particular product’s particular flavour. These products are quickly taking the world by storm, and On!’s line of nicotine pouches are certainly not an exception to this. Let’s take a look and see what’s what with On!

What We Found Out About On!

We were able to sample each one of On!’s products. These pouches come in the following flavours: berry, cinnamon, citrus, coffee, mint, tobacco and wintergreen. The flavours, with the possible exceptions of cinnamon and wintergreen (depends on the taste buds), came across to most of us as mild to moderate in nature, and always pleasant and natural tasting; there are no nasty chemical aftertastes to be found here. It should also be noted that these products also come in mild to moderate doses of nicotine; one can choose strengths of 2mg, 4mg, or 8mg for each of the above-mentioned flavours.


On! definitely has great products. People who will love On! are people who like mild to moderate hits of nicotine with similar flavours. Also, the nice thing about On! is how many different flavours they have in their product line. This means people who get bored of certain flavours quickly will have the option of easily switching flavour without having to change their preferred brand or their preferred dose. We also liked that all products are available at all dose levels, so conversely, you can increase or decrease the dose without having to sacrifice your favourite flavour to do so.

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