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Review – Nordic Spirit

In this Nordic Spirit Pouches review, our intention is to bring to your knowledge a range of flavoured, all white and tobacco-free nicotine pouches from JTI Sweden. Nordic Spirit pouches are in flavours of berry, spearmint intense or elderflower, mint and bergamot wild. Each of the flavours has its own nicotine strength in mg/g, therefore further giving customers further variety in addition to the flavours. All the flavours portions are slim but still able to deliver their taste to the user. These are definitely a good substitute for combustible nicotine sources. In this review, we look into the Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches.

The Nordic Spirit-pouches Flavours

The three flavours of Nordic Spirit – Elderflower Slim, Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Slim and Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus – contain 14mg/g of nicotine and are all white. They are well-balanced in taste, giving users a whole hour of flavour and sensations. These three flavours are also equal in strength. The Spearmint Intense comes in two flavours, Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense Strong Slim and Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense Slim, with Spearmint Intense Strong having nicotine amounts of 17mg/g and thus being the strongest. Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense has nicotine amounts of 9mg/g and is, therefore, the lowest in strength. If you prefer nicotine pouches, these varieties give you plenty of options!

Conclusion on Nordic Spirit-pouches Flavours

The Nordic Spirit-pouches are made up of plant-based fibres, nicotine, a small amount of gum base and flavourings. Each of these pouches is slim in portion and therefore bound to feel great under the upper lip or the bottom lip of a user. This unmatched comfort and resultant aroma across all flavours is definitely great for one looking for consistency in a single product. Furthermore, the tingling sensation you will experience in your mouth, lasting for about 15 minutes, is bound to give you an unmatched thrill. Each can, with 20 of these pouches, is deemed safe to use and therefore are recommended to users looking for quality.

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