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Review – Nixs

Nixs is a fairly new Swedish snus company, specializing in unique and bold flavours. In this Nixs nicotine pouches review, we are excited to talk about this new line. For those of you not familiar with what “white” means, it means that the product is completely free of tobacco. These products are much much cleaner than your average run of the mill chewing tobacco. This particular brand has gained a lot of popularity in the Emirates and other Arab nations. We are told that they will continue to release innovative and interesting flavours paired with high nicotine content throughout the year 2020, as circumstances may permit.

The Specifics of Nixs

Nixs is made by Microzero, and their products come in 16g cans containing regular size pouches, each pouch containing 1g. Nixs is a line that strongly favors higher concentrations of nicotine, and are perfect for people who have just quit smoking, for example. This means that most of their line offer 12mg of nicotine per pouch, which is a healthy amount, since most lines tend not to go over 10mg. In this review, we tried the Minty Lemon, the Salmiak, the Icy Mint, and finally the Melon Rush (which is the only exception to the 12mg rule, containing a more modest 8mg per pouch).

Conclusion: Why Choose Nixs?

Nixs is definitely all about strong doses of nicotine and strong flavours. We can honestly say we really liked this line, but each reviewer had a different opinion on personal favourite. This is perfectly to be expected, given the nature of the line. Salmiak is a very strong salted licorice flavour, so it’s great for the licorice lovers out there. Icy Mint is awesome for those of you who like menthol which is a very specific taste; you either love it or hate it. The lemon and melon flavours are equally strong, but perhaps a bit less polarizing. The important thing is that there is something for everybody.

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