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Review – Lyft

Are you looking for nice white tobacco that’s lean and clean? This Lyft nicotine pouches review looks at the whole Lyft line of pouch tobacco, which definitely fits the bill for people who are fans of the white tobacco experience. For those not familiar with “white tobacco”, these are actually completely free of tobacco. The nicotine is extracted directly from the tobacco and then mixed with other tree fibres, natural flavours, and water. Lyft is the first 100% “white”, or tobacco-less, tobacco available on the market. This gives you the full nicotine experience without having to worry about any of the negative aspects of using tobacco.

Looking at the Lyft Line

Lyft is currently available in six different and delicious flavours: Mint, Ice Cool, Blueberry Licorice, Lime, Melon and of course Epok. Each of these flavours is also available in two different nicotine strengths, depending on your preferences: the standard 6mg per pouch, and the “Strong”, which is 10mg per pouch. We tried the Epok first out of curiosity and the flavour was found to not be lacking at all compared to the original Epok. We also really liked the Mint and Lime flavours out of all of them. Which one you choose is up to you and the matter of personal taste but we recommend them all.

Why white tobacco?

As we alluded to before, white tobacco is a kind of “best of both worlds” scenario for many tobacco enthusiasts. First of all, you can say goodbye forever to worry about discolouration of the teeth due to using tobacco, because the problematic ingredient is no longer there! Also, tobacco is full of phytochemicals that are potentially damaging to your health in so many ways; you can also say goodbye to worrying about that! And finally, since the nicotine extracted from the tobacco is completely flavour-neutral, you can get a much wider palette of possible tastes and flavours that previously wouldn’t have worked together with tobacco.

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