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Review – Loop

Loop is an exciting new line of products of people who enjoy a good nicotine kick. We really enjoyed writing this Loop nicotine pouches review because the brand is a part of a great new trend in the line of nicotine products: tobacco-free nicotine pouches, otherwise known as “white” nicotine pouches. This amazing feature of the pouch is accomplished by taking just the nicotine from the tobacco and mixing it with other herbs and flavours (usually and hopefully 100%) natural. This gives you all of the nicotine without any of the downsides of tobacco, like the awful stained teeth.

A Closer Look at the Loop Line

Loop is a pretty new offering and has some exciting ideas implemented as far as flavours go. The most popular right now seems to be Mint Mania, but they also offer a Jalapeño Lime (we tried it and it tastes even better than the name would let you think). Rounding out the line are Sicily Spritz and finally Salty Ludacris. These flavours are unique and delicious; all of them are highly recommended by our reviewers. Honestly, some of us liked the more traditional Mint Mania, while others opted for one of the other three flavours. Of course, your own preference may vary!

The Advantges of White Products

Perhaps it bears a little further explanation of why white nicotine products are gaining so much popularity. People like them because the nicotine is what you are really after 99% or more of the time when you are going for a tobacco product. Extracting only the nicotine allows you to get just that without worrying about yellow teeth, bad breath, or any of the potential health problems related to the consumption of tobacco. Also, the repertoire of potential flavours is almost unlimited, since the nicotine itself doesn’t really taste like anything! This is what makes flavours like Sicilian Spritz and Salty Ludacris possible.