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Review – Kickup

We’ve all read about how snus is tobacco, smoke, and spit-free. This is old news now. But what about nicotine-free too? Kickup proposes to market a truly healthy pouch, one hundred per cent and in every possible way. Therefore, this is not a Kickup nicotine pouches review at all, but rather a Kickup pouches review only. There are five Kickup products on the market to our knowledge right now – Original and Soft Mint, both with and without Real White (xylitol, for dental health), and Strong. For the purposes of this review, we could only get our hands on Real White Original and Strong.

Trying Kickup Out – Impressions

We tried out the Real White Original flavour first. Upon opening up the can (which contains 20 1g pouches), we were immediately hit with a super pleasant orange and liquorice flavour, more the former than the latter. Putting it in our mouths, we could detect hints of bergamot as well, as well as guarana, black tea and ginseng. These are in fact the ingredients, along with vitamins, minerals and the aforementioned xylitol. The Strong flavour definitely lives up to its name. We got a lot more notes of the black tea in the Strong. For some people, the Strong may be an acquired taste.

Our Conclusions About Kickup

We are very excited about this product. As for the effects compared to nicotine, your mileage may vary. The guarana and black tea have caffeine in them, so if you regularly drink coffee or tea, you may not get a kick from it. But all in all, this is a great product. Honestly, both of them taste great, depending on what you’re into as far as flavours go. Plus, this could be a perfect transition for those who want to get rid of nicotine altogether. We think that producing the world’s first all-healthy pouch is something to brag about, and we encourage people to check this innovative product out.

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