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Review – Dryft

Dryft is one of the nicotine pouches brands made in Sweden but it is widely distributed around the world. Dryft comes in a variety of flavours, packaging and strengths. The well known Dryft flavours are cinnamon, coffee, citrus, spearmint, dragonfruit, peppermint and wintergreen. The packaging normally is 2mg or 7mg. The packaging is sometimes referred to as strength since the higher the packaging grams, the stronger the nicotine pouch becomes. In this Dryft nicotine pouches review, we will take you through all the flavours and the brand’s availability in the market. Hope the article will be of great help to you.

Dryft Flavors

The key and most common Dryft flavours we have researched in this review and put them in detail are the ones mentioned above. Cinnamon flavoured Dryft has a spicy natural smell of cinnamon with added sweetness. Coffee flavoured has the aroma of black coffee and a touch of caramel for sweetening. The citrus flavour is somehow tart with a taste of a mixture of orange and lemon. Spearmint flavour just has an aroma of spearmint leaves and has a cooling effect. Dragonfruit flavour is lightly tart and has the aroma of a mixture of melon and kiwi fruit. Finally, wintergreen flavour has a mild, sweet smell of wintergreen.

Dryft nicotine pouches availability

Dryft nicotine pouches are sometimes available in local shops. However, they are always available in plenty of online stores. Dryft is highly recommended for adventurous users of nicotine and those who need tobacco-free products. It is gaining popularity rapidly among the younger demographic, but of course, not the underage youths. If you’re a newbie, always do proper research and seek advise from pro-users before you start using nicotine pouches. We find Dryft nicotine pouches are fulfilling and them being a recent tobacco-free product in the market, many people can’t for their orders to arrive so that they too can test this excellent pouch.

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