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Marcus | Nicotine Pouches Reviews - Part 2

Review – White Fox

White Fox is the latest white snus and is a tobacco-free nicotine product made by Gajane. This White Fox pouches review focuses on White Fox Double Mint Slim, White Fox Slim, and White Fox Full Charge. The products come with stylish can with all-white nicotine pouches. At the same time, there are different flavours with […]

Review – Loop

Loop is an exciting new line of products of people who enjoy a good nicotine kick. We really enjoyed writing this Loop nicotine pouches review because the brand is a part of a great new trend in the line of nicotine products: tobacco-free nicotine pouches, otherwise known as “white” nicotine pouches. This amazing feature of […]

Review – Shiro

We’ve decided to do something different for this next Shiro pouches review and focus on one sole product. This is because their Cool Mint version is a clear favourite among the buying public and we are going to find out exactly why in the course of this review. Shiro means “white” in Japanese and, like […]

Review – On!

We’re excited to bring you this brand new On! nicotine pouches review in order to introduce you to this great line of snus products. This is the latest of a long series of reviews of “white” nicotine products (even the tobacco flavour is completely tobacco-free). These products contain only the nicotine itself, fresh pure water, […]

Review – Rogue

This Rogue pouches review is coming to you hopefully at the right time. We are very busy over here tasting until we can’t taste anymore! Rogue is another well-established brand of nicotine pouches. Rogue Holdings LLC, the trademark owner, has the products manufactured by NicoGen Pharma Solutions, and the products are generally available worldwide. This […]

Review – Nordic Spirit

In this Nordic Spirit Pouches review, our intention is to bring to your knowledge a range of flavoured, all white and tobacco-free nicotine pouches from JTI Sweden. Nordic Spirit pouches are in flavours of berry, spearmint intense or elderflower, mint and bergamot wild. Each of the flavours has its own nicotine strength in mg/g, therefore […]

Review – Ace

Want to know more about the hottest product on the market? In this Ace Nicotine pouches review, we will explore the benefits, uses and worth of this product. These discreet pouches have been created to help smokers who are looking to quit by giving them a tobacco-free and less harmful option. The nicotine pouches are […]