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Marcus | Nicotine Pouches Reviews

Review – Zyn

We’re very glad to tell you, dear readers, that we have finally got our hands on Zyn. This means we were able to do this Zyn nicotine pouches review that we’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Zyn is a very well established brand in the industry, and we would be remiss if […]

Review – Skruf

Nicotine pouches are fast gaining traction, probably because they are tobacco-free alternatives to snus. You will find this Skruf nicotine pouches review helpful in choosing a great product. Skruf Super White consists of nicotine mixed with plant fibre inside tobacco-free, all-white pouches. The product is sold in a different mix of mint flavours, but Skruf […]

Review – Onico

Onico is a product made from plant fibres that resembles the flavours of peppermint and tobacco. Like various snus brands, Onico is available in different flavours with its own distinct mix of fibres. Since this product is manufactured to cater to the health-conscious population, additives are maintained at low levels. The ingredients are all food-grade […]

Review – Nixs

Nixs is a fairly new Swedish snus company, specializing in unique and bold flavours. In this Nixs nicotine pouches review, we are excited to talk about this new line. For those of you not familiar with what “white” means, it means that the product is completely free of tobacco. These products are much much cleaner […]

Review – Qvitt

Are you looking for a snus substitute that will help you quit the use of tobacco? If this describes you, the Qvitt nicotine pouch has got you covered! Qvitt is a nicotine-free product. This high-quality product utilizes very fine ingredients and has the feel and flavour of snus. It is smokeless snus and thus very […]

Review – Velo

Velo makes two different flavours, both available in two different strengths. For this Velo nicotine pouches review, we decided to review all four variations of this product. So we acquired four cans of both the citrus and mint flavours, both in the 2mg nicotine and 4mg nicotine versions. We decided to do a blind taste […]

Review – Lyft

Are you looking for nice white tobacco that’s lean and clean? This Lyft nicotine pouches review looks at the whole Lyft line of pouch tobacco, which definitely fits the bill for people who are fans of the white tobacco experience. For those not familiar with “white tobacco”, these are actually completely free of tobacco. The […]

Review – Dryft

Dryft is one of the nicotine pouches brands made in Sweden but it is widely distributed around the world. Dryft comes in a variety of flavours, packaging and strengths. The well known Dryft flavours are cinnamon, coffee, citrus, spearmint, dragonfruit, peppermint and wintergreen. The packaging normally is 2mg or 7mg. The packaging is sometimes referred […]

Review – Kickup

We’ve all read about how snus is tobacco, smoke, and spit-free. This is old news now. But what about nicotine-free too? Kickup proposes to market a truly healthy pouch, one hundred per cent and in every possible way. Therefore, this is not a Kickup nicotine pouches review at all, but rather a Kickup pouches review only. There […]

Review – Pose

Pose is a Swedish manufacturer of nicotine products. In this Pose nicotine pouches review, we are going to talk about the strengths of the various products in this line, and what kind of customer is right for these products. The nicotine in Pose is extracted from the tobacco plant and, like its competitors, the nicotine […]